Ice Climbing

  • ice climbing zillertal

    ice climbing zillertal

  • ice climbing zillertal

    ice climbing zillertal

  • ice climbing Zillertal

    ice climbing Zillertal

Ice climbing Zillertal

If you are sporty and fearless, we got the right activity for you: ice climbing!

The Zillertal region offers many different locations for ice climbing, if general weather conditions allow it.

We take you out for a day to show you the basics of this fascinating sport.

When you haven’t done it before, it is important to choose the right terrain in terms of safety reasons and also for the fun factor. Our mountain guides make sure you have good learning curve and no frost bite...

We offer day courses for absolute beginners.
You can find out about this frosty sport in a safe way. You learn how to use your crampons and ice axes, also we drill in some ice crews and we learn you some techniques to get up an ice wall.

We start our tours at 9 am at the office, usually we are back around 3 - 4 pm. Minimum

If you want to join a day course of ice climbing, bring really warm winter sportswear, warm gloves and solid shoes to mount on crampons: mountaineering boots / ski touring boots.
If you have no propper boots, we help you to rent some for the day.

All tours guided by official mountain guide.

Zillertal is a great location for ice climbing!


150,- Euro a person min. 4 pax
190,- Euro a person min. 3 pax
400,- Euro for 1-2 pax


Ice climbing equipment in form of harness, helmet, ice axes, crampons provided by Action Club Zillertal.

Bring really solid boots where we can mount crampons
(mountaineering boots / ski touring boots)